Monday, 19 October 2015

The Nightcrawlers - Poltergeists (1982, Autoeditado)

Recorded live at Sample and Hold Studios, Pennsauken, N.J. on Dec. '81/Jan. '82 by The Nightcrawlers. Peter Gulch, Tom Gulch, and Dave Lunt on electronic instruments.

"Poltergeists" features five impressions of the elfin underworld. The band's first sequencered release. Side 1 (track 1) is sort of Klaus Schulze-ish.


01 Foxfire - Dance Of The Elves (20:14)
02 Baba Yaga's Flight (10:37)
03 Fairy Ring (6:08)
04 Leprechaun's Lament (4:21)

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  1. Enorme material, amigo. Mil gracias !!!!

  2. I have their 1984 "Nightcrawlers" LP but my turntable died years ago and I don't remember the album at all. This will be great to listen to. Many thanks!