Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Ron Berry - The Reaper (1988, Autoeditado)

La verdad es que para estar ejecutado con este único sintetizador analógico diseñado por él, el Acoustic Modelling Siynthesizer, este trabajo es una maravilla. El diseño de la carátula es de J. Parkinson.

The Reaper has an unusual but strong western movie theme. It’s about the early settlers and the conflict with the indigenous Indian population. Track 1 starts with an electronic style western cowboy theme with a twangy electric ‘guitar’ sound using analogue synthesiser acoustic models. The “Nand Gate” in the title, by the way if you didn’t already know, is a basic computing logic element. So I must have used many during the making of this album. “The Reaper’ is a contrasting wild and sometimes aggressive hard-edged rhythmic track featuring another analogue acoustic modelled instrument I call “The Scythe”. Track 3 is an eerie abstract electronic music sound-scape. To me, it evokes a strange world where the spirits of the slaughtered (mostly Indians it turns out) might end up. For Track 4 I imagined a view, looking down on a white man’s church service from the viewpoint of a remote spirit world of dead Indians. A distant Bible text reading about the creation filters through occasionally into a strange sound world full of spirits and ghosts.

Track List
1). A Fist-ful of Nand Gates
2). The Reaper
3). Tomb of the Tortured Spirits
4). Genesis

Podéis escuchar unos temas en su página web.

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