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Otra joya incunable e imprescindible para entender el medio musical electrónico. No os quiero contar más porque tenéis que saborearlo en todo su esplendor. 
Dedicado con mucho cariño a todos los que amamos la música electrónica y dedicado (aunque con mala leche) a todos aquellos que aseguran que la música electrónica es cosa de hace cuatro días, que es terreno exclusivo de dj's pastilleros y que consiste en mezclar música compulsivamente.



A1 Ignition
A2 Atlantic
A3 Spearheads
A4 Zanzi
A5 Anchor Chains
A6 Tropicolours
A7 Gamelan
B1 Woomerangs
B2 Waltzing Matilda
B3 Pacific Dawn
B4 Gold And Lead
B5 Mexican Mirror
B6 Seconds To Eternity
B7 Re-entry




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Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Tras el éxito de ELECTRONIC MOVEMENTS, seguimos repasando las aventuras sónicas de los señores KID BALTAN y TOM DISSEVELT, auténticos pioneros del medio musical electrónico que los años y sobretodo la manipulación que ha sufrido la historia de este medio en manos de infames ponedores de discos, se han encargado de relegar al olvido. Pues bien, aquí, en ELECTRONIC ORGY, como siempre hacemos justicia y colocamos las cosas en su lugar.

Este disco, anteriormente fue publicado en el año 1962 en Philips (PHS 600-047) bajo el nombre de ELECTROSONIKS, pero es la misma grabación. Apuntar también que "The Visitor From Inner Space" es la pista estadounidense para "The Visitor Outter From Space" y que "The Ray Makers" es la pista estadounidense de "Mechanical Motions". Posteriormente, en el año 2004, el sello BASTA incluía todo este material en su célebre caja de 4 cd's "Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music From Philips Research Laboratories (1956 - 1963)". Pero la versión que nos ocupa, es un ripeo directo del LP cuya portada luce al principio de este post y que, a pesar de que la digitalización ha sido hecha en mp3, el sonido es muy bueno.

Sea como fuere, estamos ante una joya arqueológica de gran valor y que tenéis la obligación de escuchar, como buenos aficionados al medio musical electrónico que sois.

Venga, a gozar !!!!!


A1 –Kid Baltan Song Of The Second Moon 2:49
A2 –Tom Dissevelt Moon Maid 3:12
A3 –Kid Baltan The Ray Makers 7:22
A4 –Tom Dissevelt The Visitor From Inner Space 3:07
B1 –Tom Dissevelt Sonik Re-Entry 2:35
B2 –Tom Dissevelt Orbit Aurora 3:00
B3 –Tom Dissevelt Twilight Ozone 5:25
B4 –Kid Baltan Pianoforte 5:05




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Igor Wakhévitch ‎– Donc... (1998, Fractal Records ‎– FRACTAL 002 , 6xCD Box) FLAC

Igor Wakhevitch is a french composer and classical pianist who has worked in many musical directions, always sensitive to new ways of expressing sonic sound constructions. In different contexts, he explored the acousmatic approach of processed sounds but also occasionaly dissipates this compositional form into psych rock aesthetic. Igor Wakhevitch's musical universe is a very complex and holistic interaction of sound worlds. His musical background is heavily influenced by contemporary avant-garde, dodecaphonism and sound experimentations. At the end of the 60’s, he notably worked with the « Group of Musical Research » (French National Radio, ORTF) under the guidance of Pierre Schaeffer, a famous visionnary musicologist, one of the father of the electronic music with Edgar Varese.

Igor Wakhévitch ‎– Donc...
Label:Fractal Records (2) ‎– FRACTAL 002
Format:6xCD, Album, Reissue Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
Genre:Electronic, Rock
Style:Modern Classical, Psychedelic Rock, Avantgarde, Minimal, Experimental

CD 1 - Logos (Rituel Sonore) (1970)

1-1     Ergon     3:59
1-2     Mineral - Vegetal - Animal     4:40
1-3     Homo-Sapiens Ignorabimus     4:43
1-4     Initiation (1ère Partie)     2:43
1-5     Initiation (2ème Partie)     6:28
1-6     Delirium     2:23
1-7     Danse Sacrale  6:08
1-8     Point Omega (Mort Ou Résurrection)     2:03

    CD 2 - Docteur Faust (1971)

2-1     Aimantation     0:25
    Materia Prima     (10:12)
2-2.a     Gnomides    
2-2.b     Faust    
2-2.c     Vulcain    
2-3     Eau Ardente     4:24
2-4     Ténèbres (Walpurgis)     4:52
2-5     Matines     3:53
2-6     Licornes     2:33
2-7     Sang Pourpre     3:55

    CD 3 - Hathor (Liturgie Du Souffle Pour La Résurrection Des Morts) (1973)

3-1     Hymne A Sathanael (Aimantation Des Forces)  4:38
3-2     Grand Sabbat Luciférien (Régime Des Arches)     4:11
3-3     Rituel De Guerre Des Esprits De La Terre     5:37
3-4     Cris Pour Les Sabbats Infernaux Et Invocations Des Daimons     1:54
3-5     Office De La Levée Du Corps (De Profundis)  5:26
3-6     Amenthi (Attente De La Seconde Mort)  9:46
3-7     Aurore     2:37

    CD 4 - Les Fous D'or (1975)

    « Cornerstone »    
4-1     Twilight And Call Of The Ascending Spirit  8:41
4-2     Arrival Of The Magic Doll     5:02
4-3     Rites Of The Doll  8:41
    « Les Fous D'or »    
4-4     Henry The Fool Of The Doll  3:00
4-5     Eve Speaks  1:56
4-6     Ritual Of The Master Of The Doll     13:11

    CD 5 - Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception) (1977)

5-1     Nagual (Les Ailes De La Perception)     5:20
5-2     In The Nagual's Time (Flash I)     0:32
5-3     Spenta Aramati (Ritual Of The Zelator)     3:48
5-4     Hunahpuguch     2:37
5-5     Beginning Of Peter's Journey     3:17
5-6     Sets (Transition)     1:26
5-7     The Smile Of Wolf On The Bench (For Jorma)     4:43
5-8     Never Poem For The Other     5:12
5-9     In The Nagual's Time (Flash II)     1:45
5-10     Stop The World (Rituel Of Si-Wang-Mou)     5:45
5-11     Cinderella     1:28
5-12     Chirakan-Ixmucane     8:11

        CD 6 - Let's Start (1979)

6-1     Let's Start     21:33
6-2     Taddy's Fruit Garden     4:02
6-3     Eriador     12:04
6-4     Monks In The Snow     3:48
6-5     Taddy's Dream: Ramallah's Road     8:16

AllMusic Review by  [-]

The music of French composer Igor Wakhevitch is as difficult to summarize as any modern classical or avant-garde performer you care to name. He never stayed put in one particular idiom or another for long, exhibiting as much affinity for psychedelic rock as he did for opera, modern dance, and minimalist synthesizer pieces. Given his apprenticeship under Terry Riley, and having studied with Olivier Messiaen and Pierre Schaeffer, Wakhevitch's eclectic mix of styles and timbres isn't surprising. What is surprising is that his work remained obscure for so long. Donc... is a box set containing all six studio albums he made during the 1970s, omitting only his music for Salvador Dali's 1974 opera, Etre Dieu. His music certainly wasn't "accessible" in popular music terms, but should be immediately striking for people interested in avant-garde composition and various strains of experimental rock and electronic music. Wakhevitch's first two albums were Logos from 1970 and Docteur Faust, released the following year. Both are strange brews of massed choral clamor, beaming analog synthesizer tampering, and some heavily psychedelic production. The former album sticks closer to a classical blueprint, using timpanis, strings, and female sopranos as raw materials with which Wakhevitch orchestrates what sounds like the end of the world. In fact, his production work is quite advanced for the era, but is also at least as dated. Docteur Faust features more of a rock feel (doubtlessly influenced by Wakhevitch's love of Soft Machine), but otherwise is similar to the previous album in terms of its bizarre synthesis of psychedelia and modern classical music.
Hathor (1973) replaced most of the symphonic bombast for a teaming of radically mutated synthesizer programming and ominous spoken word declarations. Here, industrial atmospheres and doom-filled electronic textures lend Wakhevitch's minimalist etudes a nightmarish quality that must have been his own personal soundtrack for tripping. The overall effect is stunning, even as Wakhevitch's near total lack of subtlety will be too much for many listeners. Contrast this with 1975's Les Fous d'Or, which seems a much more ambient work, similar to concurrent efforts by Tangerine Dream and Wakhevitch's former teacher, Riley. Rather than scare his audience to death, Wakhevitch opts for calmer electronic soundscapes, interspersed with often nonsensical improvised vocal outbursts. Released in 1977, Nagual takes the textures of Les Fous d'Or but distorts and elongates them in a manner typical for someone enamored of hallucinogenic drugs. However, in the middle of the record, Wakhevitch changes modes into a relatively restrained piano and keyboard-based programmatic piece, with titles referencing both Peter and the Wolf and Cinderella. His final album, Let's Start from 1979, features both his most refined synthesizer work and strange use of the human voice. The lengthy title piece ends with a group of reverberated voices stating "Let's start" over and over, eventually morphing into a larger group chanting "Let's get high" and then back to "I say let's start." It's not exactly the most profound sentiment ever expressed by a composer, but along with the rest of Wakhevitch's work, it's far from the least interesting.

Letter from Michael GIRA (Swans) - November 10, 1998
The most astonishing music I have heard in some years is the new Box Set of Igor Wakhévitch - 6 CDs, from 1970-79. Amazing approach to sound, from classical to experimental, psychadelia to film music. Ominous and beautiful, then clamorous and Wagnerian. At some points it sounds like contemporary electronic music, then shifts seemlessly into a full classical orchestra. You must buy this.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Edmond De Deyster ‎– Selectie 02 (LP, Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 41, 2008) FLAC

Edmond De Deyster

Antwerp (Belgium) based artist who recorded synth improvisations between 1970'-90's. Edmond died in 1999. 2 archival LP's were released on Ultra Eczema. A 3rd LP was mentioned by the same label but hasn't seen the light of day sofar.

Edmond De Deyster ‎– Selectie 02
Label:Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 41
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Released:May 2008

"this is the second in a series of EDMOND DE DEYSTER (who sadly died in 99) archival lps. EDMOND DE DEYSTER left an incredible amount of reel tapes behind full of beautiful analog synthesizer music. his family was kind enough to share this archive with us. it took me way longer to get this second instalment together, partly because i wanted to interview his relatives and other people who knew him during the years these tapes were made. frankly time flies by too quick and i decided to first release this second lp and do the interview for the third release in this series. this second lp got selected from 2 reel tapes that were in the same box as the ones from the first lp. one of them mentions the same info as those first ones, "1975", the fourth tape didnt mention any information. im not entirely sure if these recordings were made in the same period, though they sound more like the previous stuff then like the upcoming releases; incredibly sad and lonely synth tunes! comes in a duo coloured cover with photos of edmond de deyster and a insert with liner notes and another picture. limited to 500 copies." - Ultra Eczema

A1Reel 03 Excerpt 01 8:07
A2 Reel 04 Excerpt 02 3:47
B1 Reel 03 Excerpt 03 1:52
B2 Reel 04 Excerpt 01 2:10
B3 Reel 03 Excerpt 02 4:39
B4 Reel 04 Excerpt 02b 4:20

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Selectie 02


Various ‎– Forbidden Planets (Music From The Pioneers Of Electronic Sound) (Chrome Dreams ‎– CDCD5033 , 2 × CD, Album, Compilation, 2009) (FLAC)


Repongo este magno material a petición de varios seguidores que me han dado cuenta de que se ha roto el link en el que estaba alojado. Una compilación IMPRESCINDIBLE que no debe faltar en ninguna colección de ningún aficionado al medio musical electrónico. Echad un ojo al listado de artistas que la componen y me creeréis. Ripeado directamente desde la copia que poseo.

Ah... y lo siento, pero un material así sólo puede ser compartido en FLAC como mínimo.



Various ‎– Forbidden Planets (Music From The Pioneers Of Electronic Sound)
Chrome Dreams ‎– CDCD5033
2 × CD, Album, Compilation
Electronic, Classical, Stage & Screen
Avantgarde, Musique Concrète, Score

1-1 –Miklos Rozsa     Spellbound (Prelude)     3:03
1-2  –Pierre Schaeffer     Etude Aux Chemins De Fer     2:49
1-3  –Bernard Hermann   Prelude / Outer Space / Radar (From "The Day The Earth Stood Still") 3:46 1-4–Bernard Hermann     Nocturne / The Flashlight / The Robot / Space Control (From "The Day       The Earth Stood Still")  5:58                                                                                                        
1-5  –Herbert Eimert / Robert Beyer     Klang Im Unbegrenzten Raum     10:26
1-6  –John Cage     Imaginary Landscape     8:21
1-7  –Herbert Eimert / Robert Beyer     Klangstudie 2     4:29
1-8  –Karlheinz Stockhausen     Studie 1     9:25
1-9  –Paul Gredinger     Formaten I-II     4:35
1-10  –Henri Posseur     Seismagramme I-II     6:29
1-11  –Karlheinz Stockhausen     Gesang Der Juenglinge     13:03
2-1  –Louis & Bebe Barron     Main Titles / Overture (From "Forbidden Planet")     2:21
2-2  –Herman Heiss     Elektronische Komposition 1     5:12
2-3  –Louis & Bebe Barron     Battle With The Invisible Monster (From "Forbidden Planet")     2:55
2-4  –Henri Pousseur     Scambi     6:27
2-5  –Iannis Xenakis     Diamorphoses     6:52
2-6  –Kid Baltan     Song Of The Second Moon (Orig. Vers.)     3:06
2-7  –BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Daphne Oram / Desmond Briscoe     The Ocean     1:06
2-8  –Tom Dissevelt     Syncopation     3:00
2-9  –Edgar Varese     Poeme Electronique     8:00
2-10  –Gyorgy Ligeti*     Artikulation     3:48
–Henk Badings     Evolutionen Ballet Music     (13:37)
2-11.1     –     Overture    
2-11.2     –     Air    
2-11.3     –     Ragtime    
2-11.4     –     Intermezzo    
2-11.5     –     Waltz    
2-11.6     –     Finale    
2-12  –Tom Dissevelt     Whirling     2:35
2-13  –John Cage     Fontana Mix     11:32





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