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Various ‎– Antologia De Música Electrónica Portuguesa (CD,2004) (FLAC)

text by rafael toral
This anthology covers artists and works informed by very different cultural backgrounds, normal as it is to the "inhabitants" of each cultural environment to live in somehow isolated communities. My goal was to weave a historic thread that would freely cross boundaries between the artists' cultural territories and also to document as many approaches to electronic music as possible, on both material and conceptual levels. It's a work that i approached with an artistic and personal perspective. That is to say, the anthology is also to be a work on its own, and relations between the presented pieces were determined by musical criteria, rather than chronological or other. I also intended to provide a view into each artist in a possibly surprising way, always trying to escape each one’s typical image, as well as to subtly evoke the playful dimension in creative processes. These excerpts were chosen (by Plancton Music at first and myself later) because of their musical importance and historic relevance (either collective or personal). However, using this approach, the present anthology couldn't and wouldn't pretend to be exhaustive or complete.
Lisboa, April 25th 2003
Rafael Toral

1 Nuno Canavarro - Alsee  (1987) 0' 43"
2 Cândido Lima - Oceanos  (1978) 5' 43"
3 Nuno Rebelo - New Amp  (1984) 3' 20"
4 Isabel Soveral - Anamorphoses I   (1994) 5' 11"
5 Filipe Pires - Homo Sapiens  (1972) 4' 40"
6 Telectu - Performance #  (1984) 4' 42"
7 Jorge Peixinho - Elegia a Amílcar Cabral  (1973) 5' 04"
8 Rafael Toral - Mills Session (introdução)  (1997) 2' 16"
9 João Pedro Oliveira - Silence to Light  (1992) 3' 30"
10 Anar Band - Plasticman  (1977) 4' 04"
11 René Bertholo - África Aqui  (1996) 1' 44"
12 Carlos Zíngaro - #444-07  (1981) 3' 20"
13 Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta - Lisbon Revisited  (1986) 3' 00"
14 No Noise Reduction - RLO I  (1995) 2' 50"
15 António Ferreira - O Verão Nasceu da Paixão de 1921  (1988) 8' 39"

"This record isn't merely about the unsung heroes of electronic music, it's not a fetishistic collector's object geared towards allowing obsessive listeners to gain an expert knowledge in their field of interest. Antologia de Música Electrónica Portuguesa is the work of inquisitive artists rebuilding a culture after the fall of a long dictatorship, and it is a declaration of a musical culture largely unheard by the rest of the world." Dusted Magazine

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    1. you have the option to download with your browser...

    2. No hay que instalar nada, debes clicar sobre la opción de la derecha "descargar a través de su navegador" y se descarga sin problema.

  2. I would love to hear this compilation of electronic music from Portugal - the only music I have heard before is the wonderful Anar Band album and their Plasticman track.

    Unfortunately the Mega link is dead - I appreciate that links don't last forever but it would be great if this could be reposted - many thanks