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Edmond De Deyster ‎– Selectie 02 (LP, Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 41, 2008) FLAC

Edmond De Deyster

Antwerp (Belgium) based artist who recorded synth improvisations between 1970'-90's. Edmond died in 1999. 2 archival LP's were released on Ultra Eczema. A 3rd LP was mentioned by the same label but hasn't seen the light of day sofar.

Edmond De Deyster ‎– Selectie 02
Label:Ultra Eczema ‎– Ultra Eczema 41
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition
Released:May 2008

"this is the second in a series of EDMOND DE DEYSTER (who sadly died in 99) archival lps. EDMOND DE DEYSTER left an incredible amount of reel tapes behind full of beautiful analog synthesizer music. his family was kind enough to share this archive with us. it took me way longer to get this second instalment together, partly because i wanted to interview his relatives and other people who knew him during the years these tapes were made. frankly time flies by too quick and i decided to first release this second lp and do the interview for the third release in this series. this second lp got selected from 2 reel tapes that were in the same box as the ones from the first lp. one of them mentions the same info as those first ones, "1975", the fourth tape didnt mention any information. im not entirely sure if these recordings were made in the same period, though they sound more like the previous stuff then like the upcoming releases; incredibly sad and lonely synth tunes! comes in a duo coloured cover with photos of edmond de deyster and a insert with liner notes and another picture. limited to 500 copies." - Ultra Eczema

A1Reel 03 Excerpt 01 8:07
A2 Reel 04 Excerpt 02 3:47
B1 Reel 03 Excerpt 03 1:52
B2 Reel 04 Excerpt 01 2:10
B3 Reel 03 Excerpt 02 4:39
B4 Reel 04 Excerpt 02b 4:20

pass : savecueandlog

Selectie 02


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